As the EU representatives for Bioteque America we are currently looking for distributors throughout the EU. We currently have representation in The Netherlands through Pelvitec and in Denmark with Sacomed. If you are interested in our products please feel free to contact us about opportunities.

Bioteque America

Bioteque specializes in providing the finest gynecological products available today. We have been designing, developing, and distributing the most
cost-effective OB/GYN products since our incorporation in 1992. Our efforts have resulted in a satisfied customer base that has grown remarkably over the past 18 years. With a beginning in Pennsylvania, Bioteque has expanded its operations globally.


PelviTec is a Dutch company that started with the supply of medical products for the physiotherapist basin. This is the name PelviTec arose.
The firm PelviTec is a growing company with now the following six divisions:


Sacomed is the Danish company established in 2009 owned by Sacomed Holding a/s. We are distributor of medical products to hospitals in Scandinavia, and in addition, we offer various consultancy services for our valued business partners.


C&G Medicare Ltd. are the manufacturers of the Incostress. Established in 2006 the company specialises in the field or urology and works closely with consultants and nurses in this field to refine and develop incontinence products.


Incofree stops leaking by supporting the urethra and restoring the body’s natural anatomy. It is as easy to use as a Tampon! Incofree gently ‘exercises’ the pelvic floor muscle, and when worn in conjunction with doing pelvic floor exercises, it can bring about long-term improvement in muscle tone.


Microwarm is a Danish company who manufactures Curapax, a hygienic, disposable hot pack that is ready in two minutes. A soft, non-toxic gel is formed during warming. The pack is covered with textile that makes it safe and comfortable to use. And there’s absolutely no time required for collection and cleaning after use – just dispose with regular household waste. Before use, CURAPAX is the same size and weight as an empty envelope so it’s easy to store in every department. Now, hospital personnel have easy access to heat therapy for all their patients.